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About Me

Helping Students Find the Right College Fit

I’m Mary Hager of Hager College Consulting, and I've spent the last 11 years advising high-performing students to identify and apply to their best fit colleges.


I hold a Master’s in Social Work and have worked as a counselor in schools and hospitals for over eighteen years, giving me the necessary skills to successfully guide students and their parents through the changing landscape of college admissions. 


Also, I belong to the National Admission of College Admission Counselors, The Rocky Mountain Association of College Admissions Counselors, the Independent Educational Consultants Association, and the Higher Education Consultants Association.

My memberships ensure that I not only adhere to the highest ethical standards the industry requires, but also demonstrates my commitment to continuous professional development through college visits and participation at professional conferences.

What I Do

The thought of applying to college may evoke feelings of anxiety, confusion and pressure, especially to highly selective colleges. 

I believe that working with students 1:1 to fully understand each student’s unique qualities and individual goals is critical in exploring colleges that are the student’s best academic, social and financial fit.

This process doesn’t have to be anxiety-producing or unnecessarily complicated. With my help, students and families take a methodical approach to the college admissions process and in the end, not only will the student have college choices, but also have a much better understanding of who they are and what special qualities they bring to the college they choose.




These are the services included in the Comprehensive Plan

Hourly Services may be available.


Recommend high school courses, extra-curricular activities, summer programs and research opportunities. Advise and edit summer program applications. Assist in resume format and content. Assist students in maximizing teacher and counselor letters of recommendations.

College List

Prepare a customized list of colleges and prepare student for meaningful communication with college admissions, including preparation for college interviews.

Essay Brainstorm

Brainstorm and edit all essays, including Common Application, Supplemental Essays and Honors application essays. Advise deferments and waitlists.

Indigo Assessment

Conduct Indigo Assessment, a multi-dimensional, comprehensive tool which gives students and parents customized information into the student’s skills, motivators and behaviors. This information will be used in high school course selection, extra-curricular activity planning and potential major and career options.

Test Advising

Advise a customized schedule of standardized test planning, including PSAT, SAT and ACT.

College Application

Provide college application assistance, including whether or not student should apply REA, ED, EA or RD. Optimize application timeline for scholarship consideration, as well as financial aid applications.

Advise final college choice

Counsel student on best fit college, according to student's stated values and goals. 

Best Academic, Social and Financial Fit College!

Students who have worked with me have been admitted to the following colleges:

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“Before working with Ms. Hager, I was very anxious to begin my college application process. I had an ambitious college list of over ten schools—most of which were extremely competitive—and I had no idea how to properly style my writing for college essays. Working with Ms. Hager completely transformed my application experience from very stressful to very enjoyable. From helping me compose a list of colleges that would be the right fit for me, to helping me polish my application essays, and even preparing me for interviews with alumni from top universities, Ms. Hager not only alleviated all my stress throughout my application journey, but also helped me find my voice. Through each and every application, interview, and supplement for my application, Ms. Hager supported me in any way I needed. Most importantly, I can say with complete certainty that Mrs. Hager helped me find the perfect school, and I am more than confident that Ms. Hager transformed what would have been a very stressful application process for myself into an intellectual journey that I now cherish.”


George Washington University ‘25


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